Friday, October 22, 2010

Super cattle trade offer 4 major magic

Enterprises and foreign trade enterprises under market conditions to determine the appropriate pricing method, to deal, should also pay attention to the use of quotation method.

First, the forward price method

Soon to offer is a traditional quotes method, which first reported the highest price the seller or buyer reported a low price. This price method, the price of false components generally more buyers and sellers to leave space for further consultation. Sellers reported that the high prices, if the price is too high the buyer that the seller would immediately reject or doubt the sincerity of the seller and ask the seller to reduce prices. When the buyer that the seller's price is more reasonable, the buyer will still insist the seller continue to reduced prices, lower prices once the seller, the buyer will have a certain psychological satisfaction, then as long as the seller will grasp the opportunity, often to facilitate a successful transaction. If the seller quotes a price too much water, than the other for the foreseeable minimum income, it becomes a chaotic asking price, buyers and sellers will not be able to continue the negotiations.

Second, reverse price method

Reverse quote is an anti-traditional methods offer specific approach is that the seller or the buyer's first low-cost newspaper quoted high prices to attract more customers. The purpose of inducing customers interested in the negotiations. Then, look for a breakthrough from the other trading conditions, and gradually raise or lower prices, the final transaction in the expected price. Method of using such offer, one of the first offer higher risk. In the quote the negotiating position of the party is not very favorable circumstances, to make each other unexpectedly in the quoted price, though it is possible to exclude other competitors, but it will take is difficult to price back to the expected level of risk, Business negotiators higher, unless really necessary, in the actual business negotiations should be avoided.

3, the first price method

First quote is that the first offer for one's own. This offer ways to control one's own initiative, provided between the two sides negotiated a price range, such as when the buyer first reported that low, then both the expected transaction price is the price the buyer is expected between the price and the seller. On the contrary, reported a high price when the seller first, the two transactions is expected to price the seller quotes should be in place between the expected price with the buyer.

4, mantissa price method

Mantissa price method that has a special significance using mantissa or people's "psychological mantissa" pricing to avoid integer offer. Price Method by ending the one hand, the number for people to psychology, on the other hand is the need for business negotiation skills. As mentioned earlier, the price of a commodity is usually calculated at actual cost plus profit, and less likely to integer, so that when one uses the integer quote method, it is often difficult to convince the other side. Another example is the use of some national or local customs, in the offer or counter-offer special preferences to use the number of local people, catering to their likes and so on.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Kaspersky and Rising "on the same stage"

August 2, 2008, in Jiuhuashanzhuang information security sector staged a "comedy."

August 2, the world's leading provider of information security solutions - Kaspersky held in Beijing, Kaspersky Internet Security 2009, the Chinese version of the software market conference. The conference can be described as "generous." Conference has invited nearly a thousand dealers, and 80 several media. It is worth mentioning that the dealer's airfare and accommodation provided by Kaspersky.

However, with the drama is at the same time, Rising also held events in the same location. The Important Aspect day indeed.

Since, on July 17 set off a strange tiger "incident free" since the information security industry has been "a good play then a" collision which agents also follow their heart, "wave after wave."

2, Kaspersky and Rising "on the same stage," what kind of a show?

It is reported that Rising is that Kaspersky will be held from 2 Jiuhua new listing in the conference, and invited nearly a thousand dealers, the provisional decision to hold the event from 3 to 2, and Kaspersky same time and manner. Rising to the activities of the theme of "Carnival", invited the dealers to Kaspersky out "olive branch", please in the past carnival. That the news, reporter friends are bound to happen on the next full of curiosity and expectation.

Kaspersky Asia Pacific Managing Director Mr. Zhang Lishen to speak at the press conference scene

New at five points card Basij Meet the Press will publish the official start. Asia-Pacific managing director of the opening speech for the media is very concerned about the recent "free storm" give a clear answer:

"For the complete and long-term free, Kaspersky will not do, but do not rule out the free trial." Zhang also put forward the new total is also the slogan of "all-only security."

Relative to the overall low-key speech Chang, Kaspersky partner Liu Jianhua, CEO Star Parkway digital speech is more direct and more passionate. Manager Liu himself to the media revealed the information security industry for four perspectives:

1, the greatest danger is from the antivirus industry itself, the security industry itself is not anti-Trojan, but the anti-virus.

Second, anti-virus software is Internet products, should be free. However, the service will be unsafe to the user is not responsible for the performance. Not all free software security.

3, light anti-virus software not work, even with firewall, anti-Trojan software and other functions, such imposed on the user's point of view is wrong. These features are only available product that was safe. That "all is safety."

Fourth, the current strategy to channel non-free products to sell, at a loss. But the real security needs of the software or sold. "If you are not satisfied on the free software, please spend little money to buy Kaspersky!"

From the Manager Liu's speech is not difficult to see that Kaspersky is not only the important information is the first new product in itself, but also stressed that the view "all the safe!"

Rising 360 free to bring a certain impact, Rising subsequently adopted a series of preferential policies for the distribution of death, to please the channel. By Manager Liu's speech in an interview that, Kaspersky The channel also spared in homework, for the dealers to improve profitability and provide a range of training. Channels in order to tell the Kaspersky free will not give you what the hidden dangers, and can continue to enjoy the benefits brought by Kaspersky for you.

Kaspersky Asia Pacific Managing Director Mr. Zhang Lishen (right) and the Broadway figure Liu Jianhua, CEO Star (left) co-opened a new true

After meeting the media, nearly a thousand dealers and the media have seen the "Kaspersky Internet Security software 2009 English Version," the release process. And watched Kaspersky put in CCTV security software the first national advertising tenders. Digital Star's Manager Liu through their sales slogan "good to sell their antivirus software to allow others to send it for free!" Kaspersky re-emphasized in the "incident free" in position.

"Free" controversy is not flat, "all" storm was underway. I wonder if Kaspersky takes through this conference, whether from 1.5 million to make "free storm" Karma but only, will get the information security community to "fully functional" view of the support? Let us wait and see!

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Kaspersky thousand dinner scene

Kaspersky Asia Pacific General Manager Mr. Zhang Lishen ignorance has always been the scene at the dinner guests toast to all participants

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Holiday promotion: how to make the cost may change from control

In reality, promotion work has been puzzled by two results: first, simply does not spend marketing costs, and the result is naturally fail to reach targets; second promotional expenses spent away, still fail to reach the target.

Why? On the surface, the problem seems to be out in the promotional expenses, marketing costs because it does not spend marketing plan or program instructions in itself a problem, the market was not fully market based on wishful thinking on their own racking our brains to develop a promotional plan. In fact, promotional plans are not caused simply can not perform, or in the process of continuous additional marketing costs, leading to promotions, such as fire fighting.

Work, promotional expenditures in most cases the cost of marketing to achieve the objective is to become "possible", but how to let marketing costs to marketing to achieve the objective of "may" to "control", not promote the process of fire fighting work, like additional costs, such as promotion back to the end of another pile of Dian additional costs need to retroactive applications? the author in the following areas to present their views, only for your reference:

First, develop accurate sales budgets

Case: Xiao Liu is a liquor brand, market leader, recently was honored for a number of market costs can not be upset, because Mid-Autumn Festival for engaging in promotional activities, goals reached, but although the plan than the marketing budget for a lot of cost overruns, looking for veterans to apply for approval has been the additional cost of which has come back, because they can not explain to the customer had already promised the cost of their predicament.

This situation is most common in reality, because the original budget request and the actual operation of a larger deviation, although that also reached the target but the cost overruns can not be honored, will lead to market stagnation.

The reason, mainly for marketing programs did not make enough of the argument, or even wishful thinking set the program racking our brains, though could be approved down, but the process is faced with the reality of additional costs.

To avoid this situation, calls for the market leader to develop marketing programs based on the market take full account of market changes, as much as possible to communicate with customers marketing programs, especially the promotional costs.

Second, while good budget proportional to changes to objectives and costs

Case: In the help of a liquor company for promotional use cost analysis found that, in accordance with the cost of promotion budget plan to use almost small, especially the festival promotion, we examine its budget and the actual costs incurred were able to find source of bias. The original cost estimates for all the promotion are very precise, targeted certain performance, cost will be. However, the actual operation of the process, does not exist, nor can the budget in accordance with this established, the ratio of investment promotion costs can be certain, but only for promotional expenses and the actual input rate is proportional to the time to achieve goals in order to ensure the accuracy of budget .

When applying for promotional costs, most marketers established standards by enterprises, restrictions on the cost estimates are always the pursuit of absolute, or even accurate to dollars and cents. This will be the case in the target static promotional costs constantly changes occur, leading to promotions arise during the ongoing additional costs.

If you can predict in advance the movement of promotional activities, recognizing the process of regulation is a fact, not the absolute amount of marketing costs but the absolute input-output ratio, will reduce the process of temporary "reactive."

Third, implementation of promotional programs and learn to "Focus"

Case: A liquor company focusing on what Chinese New Year promotional actions to make the market "comprehensive work", that do the pulling end hotel, good access promotion, promotion of good amount of high-end products and do business over the display display, consumer taste good promotion, good family area of focus of the promotion. Under the guidance of such thinking and marketing teams make up a large and comprehensive marketing programs, but none have been more marketing expenses to be all the same distribution as the flower dumplings. Results of promotion for a mess.

In fact, both the companies or the market at some stage only to work around a target can not be certain of the stage to take on more of the target system. If we over-emphasize the comprehensive nature of a certain stage, it will lead to nothing.

Similarly, the promotional action, especially a major holiday promotion, although that is more important, but not all activities are done more than all-out to have a clear business objectives, we must learn to guide marketers focus on key objectives, can not let the cost of the limited spread black pepper.

Fourth, the cost of an emergency promotion learn to "living beyond"

Case: A liquor company to use in evaluation and honoring of the annual sales meeting costs, Wang topped the list, because the cost of Wang's promotion budget has never been the most accurate and additional costs in the marketing process. When we asked the reason, Wang himself, "living beyond" the promotional costs of using the strategy of speaking out.

Original, Wang focused on promotional activities in each are also often beyond the budget for expenditures, but he did not like the others hurry to apply for a supplementary fee, but to the cost overruns in consultation with the client well, so that customers have actually advanced to make up for promotion in the next. This prevents the "fire-fighting" costs application.

In fact, no matter how accurate the promotional budget would not coincide with the actual place, not overrun with the phenomenon is normal, the key will not be flexible response.

It is worth recalling too is prepared in advance, at a certain stage of promotion to defuse and dilute the concentration of the cost overrun operation is also a strategy to achieve this objective.

Fifth, work is less than the cost to make up for the main measures to promote

Case: A liquor company's regional manager for Xiao Zhang received a telephone subsidiary, said the New Year's Day promotion intercept encountered strong competitors, need to tell the supplementary budget for this focus into action.

Xiao Zhang rushed to take calls after the market to understand the situation and found that it is indeed a conscious rival to intercept their own company's activities, and the intensity of inputs were greater than the surrounding market. But he found only the cost of rival efforts into a larger, distribution job is not solid, just do the activities on the surface. Xiao Zhang subordinates and clients to quickly arrange hands of personnel, increase the capacity concentrated distribution in place to make a rival time difference, ahead of the goods under pressure over channel access cause no Afterwards cargo capacity, so that competitors with their own intensity but not the back of shop goods go, the results using the rapid distribution of their winning success of the market.

Promotion seems to be inevitable in all business marketing. In fact, the promotion is how to mobilize the use of enterprise marketing expenses and resources of knowledge, but most business and corporate marketing personnel in the promotion of such mobilization and use of resources in the lack of real research in learning, we more to stay in Promotion of the surface work, even as the goal and promotion, the promotion as a bargaining chip clients achieve sales goals and means, not for promotional work, precisely, is the essence of promotion, rather than a goal.

Our promotional activities, in addition to concern about cost, the more of a reflection of our work is in place, there is no solid work, even if the cost of more investment will not be effective. Because the cost of investment promotion is to reduce the difficulty of the work itself, rather than have the costs do not have to do enough work. Should be reminded that any time is no substitute for marketing costs, it can not do without a solid marketing.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Wave escort firm in Hefei

Today, people all over the side of the bank provides a fast and convenient services, the bank is also enjoyed, and by continuously updating financial products to gain market has been a winning financial industry's "magic." Hefei City Commercial Bank in the middle of a wide variety of conduct was booming. But also to their higher demands made, that is to ensure system stability, data security, integrity and reliability. Otherwise the case of a mishap, can affect people and their credibility is a major event.

Hefei commercial banks do turn the tide, the tide of the experts designed for the firm, including servers, storage products and software, including a full range of hard and soft integration platform, and for these reasons, the system uses a double hot equipment structure, use of server hardware is two wave NC1000; storage products using the British wave of letters NS3500. Software using the SCO-UNIX + SMP + wave two-machine software, Informix database, combined with its development of related applications, monitoring software. In the specific implementation process, the wave-related services of experts to ensure the normal operation of the system to pay a great deal of effort and sweat.

After delivery firms in the machine, September 2, the wave of experts flew to pack line package from Jinan, Hefei. They went straight to a landing on the firm, began to build two-machine backup system, in the process the first wave of service engineers to solve the installation of hardware, including disk array cabinets and connection to the server and recognition, and the WINDOWS environment is different, which UNIX environment is not an easy question, need to adjust the number of parameters, but the wave of experienced engineers, this is not any problems, the wave also to provide a wealth of random data. After that, engineers have to solve the database and the installation of two-machine software to ensure that the database can send the failure to switch, it is each vendor's service personnel have to face. Wave of engineers in the shortest time and highest quality completed all 3 days in the past, everything done on time, engineers began preparing delivered to customers.

Difficult matter at this time there: To ensure the system is absolutely safe and reliable, Hefei firm raised its billing software required to achieve double machine backup. Is the responsibility of the customer needs, engineers immediate access to room to work, but soon they found a third-party vendors to develop the software and not having a functional, the software can not dual-active redundancy, which must run on an Informix server. HA makers turn when engineers learned that they do not develop the software support function, it is clear that only the HA on the second development, to achieve more than the customer needs. But the HA vendors can not provide these packages. Only some of the standard package of products as a reference. Obviously this is beyond the wave functions of service, but expect to see the eyes of customers, engineers know that the system put into operation sooner, it will bring benefits to customers sooner. So they quickly assumed the second outside the scope of this service development. For them, this is undoubtedly a problem, after all, not professional developers, many interfaces are not familiar with, only through documents and information to explore. Then engineers had an idea there, though they are not familiar with the secondary development, but there are abundant resources in the headquarters can be called from the server wave of software engineers to the headquarters of the company's resources to the work of engineers in Hefei strong support get support immediately after the engineers put into intensive development work, daytime and finally they give a satisfactory answer.

The work just completed, firms find engineers also proposed another request, asked HA to detect the unexpected termination of billing software failure. Like the previous requirements, it also is a problem beyond the service duties, as HA billing process itself does not integrated interface program, need to design testing procedures manual, to make HA to detect the unexpected termination of billing software failure. Wave of engineers did not make things difficult for them, customer satisfaction is the ultimate pursuit, they once again battle, continue to the second development. With experience, this time would be a much smoother, some difficult problems are solved with the assistance of the headquarters, thus finally you're done, the customer's face finally emerged out of a smile, praise the engineers have added: "Select wave not only is selected on the products, but also picked the right service. "

Hefei firm, said the relevant parties: the financial companies now build information systems aspects of the problems encountered, the user is sometimes difficult to determine from a hardware or software problems or problems with hard and soft, and banks have more suppliers, the supply Technical limitations also makes business services become not so simple and direct. The wave in the server space for many years of professional experience and a powerful wave of strength of the Group makes it possible to provide one-stop service, lifting techniques are not proficient because of the fear and anxiety brought about, allowing users to buy the rest assured, feel at ease, but also broaden the channels of the banking business, the development of value-added services provide technical assurance.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

PhotoShop new tricks: Paintings in paintings

There are two views of a picture, I believe we have not heard of it. Today, we gave presents a picture of the new ideas, at first glance, with no difference between general picture (Figure 1), when you press [Ctrl + A] is another picture (Figure 2). Is it interesting?

Figure 1

By 顧?Ctrl + A 顧?from

Figure 1 into Figure 2

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Since it is a synthetic map, then we need two images. Here, a handsome selection of photographs and a fish tank pictures, compared with the background of deep tank as the underlying image, while the handsome picture on the hidden map, this display will be better. Then the two images merged together, the handsome layers on top, fish tank on the following layers (Figure 3). Next we create a new file, width and height of 2 pixels, (so the newly created images have four pixels, just black and white the two), will enlarge the image to 1600%, then the two points with a pencil tool point, define a pattern (Figure 4).

Select handsome guy that layer, create a new channel, in the "padding" which have defined a new pattern selection. Hold down the left mouse button, click to select the newly created channel. Then select the layer, the layer above that handsome guy pressing [Del] key, this step is to remove the white pixels. Then click on the tank that layer, then an anti-election ([Shift + Ctrl + I]), then delete. This 2 layer on the use of the pixel position opposite to delete, Windows in the picture is to be marked by the whole election if its above adding a black and white mask. Mongolian version of the white part is transparent, the black part is opaque. Advantage of this, select all the images before and after the fact, already exist in a graph. This map even if the effects of basic good, and put inside to see if IE is not very satisfactory results, we have to make some adjustments. First select the layer that handsome guy, and then "no transparency" which adjusted to 35%, this effect is to hide the map display in the general state is not very clear. Next, copy a few more tanks of this layer, which in the copy of the layer option of "stacking", this background image displayed more clearly.

All have chosen to complete another try and found that results have been pretty good. Next we need to do is to merge layers ([Shift + Ctrl + E]) of several layers into a single layer. Then saved as JPG or BMP format, so diagram on the site made a picture in picture effects. Well, you're done!

Is not it wonderful ah, and so what, quickly make a go himself.


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Play the right to recover the main impact of CCTV IPTV

Six months ago, got the IPTV license, but had been quietly brewing CCTV is now back in the IPTV platform of its four main channels of broadcast rights. Industry estimates, if this practice will have IPTV in China to open up, as well.

CCTV CCTV planned to take back three, five, six, eight sets of programs (that is entertainment, sports, film and TV Channel) in the IPTV and digital television broadcast rights on new platforms. However, as digital television in the recovery time will be extended to the whole digital television shift is complete, so the impact of this initiative to launch a major, or IPTV.

CCTV: indeed brewing but inconclusive

CCTV CCTV IPTV operations for the core of high-level international told reporters really matter, but also stressed that the current policy have not yet come out clear, is not convenient to talk about. The Shanghai Media stakeholders also told reporters that an internal matter has been heard, but not yet received a formal statement. As such, the current issue not yet entered the practical level. Harbin and Shanghai IPTV customer service staff also told reporters that the withdrawal of these channels has not received notice of these channels is still present in the IPTV platform, the normal broadcast.

SMG: Everyone in a trench

Compared with the CCTV attack brewing, Shanghai Media area earlier in an interview to resolve the issue of competition has been strong. SMG's IPTV business, Blockbuster is responsible for communications said Li Feng, director of marketing, the industry still in its infancy, we are opening up the market, competition would be premature. The Da Zhong, vice president of SMG is stressed to reporters, with the CCTV system are radio and television, a vast cultural enterprise is actually standing on IPTV license, "a trench", among many co-operation.

CCTV to seek competitive advantage?

Industry for the basic interpretation of this incident, most of the judge for the CCTV to pave the way for its involvement in IPTV and seek competitive advantage. A broadcasting system, say, IPTV is now, "started taking" stage, if the CCTV own IPTV platform to enjoy the exclusive right to broadcast these channels, this can help CCTV operators to discuss cooperation with the dominant position at the time. At present, the city really only started commercial IPTV in Harbin and Shanghai, Shanghai Media and by the local telecom operators to operate, thus throwing the CCTV initiative, seem to point to the obvious. "This is a few channels on television in the traditional CCTV is also wired to the local charge, they do not want free to SMG's IPTV is reasonable." IPTV, a broadcasting system, the practice of those who believe that CCTV is not too.

Commercial broadcasting system war

Deeper interpretation of the system is linked to the broadcast the contest between the forces.

Personal broadcasting system, related view is that the meaning of this CCTV is not just between the two IPTV license business, "Running", but also implies that the traditional broadcasting system forces an early use of some potential advantages of this on three networks on IPTV integration of new media born of a growing business on the rise of attacks. "While that might not necessarily be taken back channel content users really have to, but few of these channels, or people that do not complete IPTV channels." Streaming Media Network COO Zhang Yanxiang said.

IPTV, a person close to the CCTV is revealed, and even CCTV's the IPTV business platform is to be allowed to put these channels, the current very difficult to say. Possible solution is to SMG and CCTV other IPTV operators to pay a fee to buy broadcast rights, but Zhang Yanxiang that CCTV could "give money not to sell," because this is the difference between a weapon of competition.

Zhangyan Xiang also said the plan in accordance with CCTV by 2010 these channels is to become the premium channels, and now the action is targeted at IPTV some protective measures.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Professional CD-R M4P RM to MPC Copying

Professional CD-R M4P RM to MPC Copying is a visual multifunctional and graphical audio editor which allow you to perform various operations with audio data such as displaying a waveform image of an audio file, filtering, applying various audio effects, format conversion and more. Professional CD-R M4P RM to MPC Copying - Apply effects to selected area, zoom in/out, cut, copy, paste, mix, amplify, normalize, echo, stretch, fade in/out, invert, everse, null signal, silence, convert format, undo/redo etc. You can also record from any available source. Audio formats supported include: WAV, MP3, MP2, WMA, OGG, G721, G723, G726, VOX, RAW and PCM. Support WAV PCM. Support VOX (Dialogic ADPCM), WMA Windows Media Audio). Visually play, record, edit or convert most sound file formats. Add special effects and apply filters. Support OGG (Ogg Vorbis), G.721, G.723, G.726. Support MP2, MP3 (MPEG Layer-3). Support RAW (PCM, A-LAW, U-LAW), CDA (Audio CD Tracks).Support Compressed WAV (ADPCM, GSM, DSP, A-LAW, U-LAW, ALF2 and others).