Wednesday, July 28, 2010

PhotoShop new tricks: Paintings in paintings

There are two views of a picture, I believe we have not heard of it. Today, we gave presents a picture of the new ideas, at first glance, with no difference between general picture (Figure 1), when you press [Ctrl + A] is another picture (Figure 2). Is it interesting?

Figure 1

By 顧?Ctrl + A 顧?from

Figure 1 into Figure 2

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Since it is a synthetic map, then we need two images. Here, a handsome selection of photographs and a fish tank pictures, compared with the background of deep tank as the underlying image, while the handsome picture on the hidden map, this display will be better. Then the two images merged together, the handsome layers on top, fish tank on the following layers (Figure 3). Next we create a new file, width and height of 2 pixels, (so the newly created images have four pixels, just black and white the two), will enlarge the image to 1600%, then the two points with a pencil tool point, define a pattern (Figure 4).

Select handsome guy that layer, create a new channel, in the "padding" which have defined a new pattern selection. Hold down the left mouse button, click to select the newly created channel. Then select the layer, the layer above that handsome guy pressing [Del] key, this step is to remove the white pixels. Then click on the tank that layer, then an anti-election ([Shift + Ctrl + I]), then delete. This 2 layer on the use of the pixel position opposite to delete, Windows in the picture is to be marked by the whole election if its above adding a black and white mask. Mongolian version of the white part is transparent, the black part is opaque. Advantage of this, select all the images before and after the fact, already exist in a graph. This map even if the effects of basic good, and put inside to see if IE is not very satisfactory results, we have to make some adjustments. First select the layer that handsome guy, and then "no transparency" which adjusted to 35%, this effect is to hide the map display in the general state is not very clear. Next, copy a few more tanks of this layer, which in the copy of the layer option of "stacking", this background image displayed more clearly.

All have chosen to complete another try and found that results have been pretty good. Next we need to do is to merge layers ([Shift + Ctrl + E]) of several layers into a single layer. Then saved as JPG or BMP format, so diagram on the site made a picture in picture effects. Well, you're done!

Is not it wonderful ah, and so what, quickly make a go himself.


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