Monday, September 13, 2010

Wave escort firm in Hefei

Today, people all over the side of the bank provides a fast and convenient services, the bank is also enjoyed, and by continuously updating financial products to gain market has been a winning financial industry's "magic." Hefei City Commercial Bank in the middle of a wide variety of conduct was booming. But also to their higher demands made, that is to ensure system stability, data security, integrity and reliability. Otherwise the case of a mishap, can affect people and their credibility is a major event.

Hefei commercial banks do turn the tide, the tide of the experts designed for the firm, including servers, storage products and software, including a full range of hard and soft integration platform, and for these reasons, the system uses a double hot equipment structure, use of server hardware is two wave NC1000; storage products using the British wave of letters NS3500. Software using the SCO-UNIX + SMP + wave two-machine software, Informix database, combined with its development of related applications, monitoring software. In the specific implementation process, the wave-related services of experts to ensure the normal operation of the system to pay a great deal of effort and sweat.

After delivery firms in the machine, September 2, the wave of experts flew to pack line package from Jinan, Hefei. They went straight to a landing on the firm, began to build two-machine backup system, in the process the first wave of service engineers to solve the installation of hardware, including disk array cabinets and connection to the server and recognition, and the WINDOWS environment is different, which UNIX environment is not an easy question, need to adjust the number of parameters, but the wave of experienced engineers, this is not any problems, the wave also to provide a wealth of random data. After that, engineers have to solve the database and the installation of two-machine software to ensure that the database can send the failure to switch, it is each vendor's service personnel have to face. Wave of engineers in the shortest time and highest quality completed all 3 days in the past, everything done on time, engineers began preparing delivered to customers.

Difficult matter at this time there: To ensure the system is absolutely safe and reliable, Hefei firm raised its billing software required to achieve double machine backup. Is the responsibility of the customer needs, engineers immediate access to room to work, but soon they found a third-party vendors to develop the software and not having a functional, the software can not dual-active redundancy, which must run on an Informix server. HA makers turn when engineers learned that they do not develop the software support function, it is clear that only the HA on the second development, to achieve more than the customer needs. But the HA vendors can not provide these packages. Only some of the standard package of products as a reference. Obviously this is beyond the wave functions of service, but expect to see the eyes of customers, engineers know that the system put into operation sooner, it will bring benefits to customers sooner. So they quickly assumed the second outside the scope of this service development. For them, this is undoubtedly a problem, after all, not professional developers, many interfaces are not familiar with, only through documents and information to explore. Then engineers had an idea there, though they are not familiar with the secondary development, but there are abundant resources in the headquarters can be called from the server wave of software engineers to the headquarters of the company's resources to the work of engineers in Hefei strong support get support immediately after the engineers put into intensive development work, daytime and finally they give a satisfactory answer.

The work just completed, firms find engineers also proposed another request, asked HA to detect the unexpected termination of billing software failure. Like the previous requirements, it also is a problem beyond the service duties, as HA billing process itself does not integrated interface program, need to design testing procedures manual, to make HA to detect the unexpected termination of billing software failure. Wave of engineers did not make things difficult for them, customer satisfaction is the ultimate pursuit, they once again battle, continue to the second development. With experience, this time would be a much smoother, some difficult problems are solved with the assistance of the headquarters, thus finally you're done, the customer's face finally emerged out of a smile, praise the engineers have added: "Select wave not only is selected on the products, but also picked the right service. "

Hefei firm, said the relevant parties: the financial companies now build information systems aspects of the problems encountered, the user is sometimes difficult to determine from a hardware or software problems or problems with hard and soft, and banks have more suppliers, the supply Technical limitations also makes business services become not so simple and direct. The wave in the server space for many years of professional experience and a powerful wave of strength of the Group makes it possible to provide one-stop service, lifting techniques are not proficient because of the fear and anxiety brought about, allowing users to buy the rest assured, feel at ease, but also broaden the channels of the banking business, the development of value-added services provide technical assurance.

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